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 Each startling, you must never-right before-explained tale of the bizarre community in some of the celebrated Playboy Mansion—and additionally, finally, each secret facts about the men who holds the secret—from a of each few individuals who truly knows: Hef’s previous #1 girlfriend and leading of The Women nearby
A spontaneous choice at mature twenty-definitely one changed little-city Oregon woman Holly Sue Cullen inside Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner’s #1 girlfriend. But similarly to Alice’s journey directly into Wonderland, right after Holly plunged across the rabbit pit, what appeared like a fairytale life indoors each Playboy Mansion—most notably A-list celebrity celebrations and also her very own #1-scored tv show regarding 4 many years—fast devolved right into the oppressive system of stringent guides, manipulation, and fights using the focused, backstabbing bunnies. Your life inside the notorious estate wasn’t the dream anyway—as well as promptly turned into their nightmare. Immediately after losing the personality, the awareness of self-well worth, and their hope for future, Holly come across herself resting by yourself in the bath choosing suicide.
But instead of finishing the lady life, Holly decided to take hold of it.
In this shockingly candid as well as amazingly relocating memoir, this particular caring and also introspective female opens regarding being around some of the estate, each medication, each love, each abuse, each infamous parties, and the definite trailing-some of the-setting being using the Bridget, Kendra, and also, needless to say, Mr. Playboy himself.
Alongside big will, Holly provides each details of this girl following hopeless commitment, bringing her very own worthwhile tvs show, and also the frustrating work of healing, plus their flip dance because of the hollywood film stars. A cautionary tale along with a celebration of individual empowerment, low the Rabbit ditch reminds us of the significance of battling regarding our needs—and additionally finding the life span we deserve.

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